Tome Grotesque™ for Beyond the Supernatural™ (pre-order)

Tome Grotesque™ for Beyond the Supernatural™ (pre-order)
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Tome Grotesque™

Sourcebook for Beyond the Supernatural™

Tome Grotesque™ is the first sourcebook for Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG and will continue to unveil the sinister world environment.

Much more than a book of monsters, Tome Grotesque™ will help set the tone and atmosphere for the BTS setting. Each creature will serve as a catalyst for numerous adventures and conspiracies.

Many of these supernatural fiends are not slobbering beasts, but cunning, wicked geniuses who work behind the scenes to inspire wickedness and cruelty. They are the genesis of sorrow and the roots of evil who secretly insinuate themselves in our world and work to lead humans astray. Beings known as Ancient Evils are the most powerful and possess the greatest powers and magic. They are also the ones most likely to establish cults and command human pawns and demonic henchmen to worship, serve and protect them. Thus, destroying an evil cult, madman or cadre of monsters is nothing more than a short-term and temporary solution. To permanently stop bad things happening, one must find the root cause - the Greater Demon or Ancient Evil - or the nightmare will start up all over again.

  • Supernatural predators who stalk our streets at night.
  • Pranksters and Haunters.
  • Demonic Servants who tempt, corrupt and torment humans.
  • Ancient Evil that functions as sinister puppet masters, schemers and destroyers lurking in the shadows where they pull the strings of lesser beings and mortal men.
  • Demonic magic and psychic abilities.
  • Spectacular artwork and adventure ideas.
  • Written and created by Kevin Siembieda.
  • $22.99 retail - 160 pages. Cat. No. 702.