1st Edition Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG Foil Hardcover

1st Edition Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG Foil Hardcover
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“Original” Beyond the Supernatural RPG “Bonus” Edition Commemorative Hardcover, 1st Edition Rules

Due to popular demand, we present the deluxe, commemorative, crimson foil hardcover of the Original Beyond the Supernatural RPG (1988); back in print for the first time in 25 years. The book is simply entitled “Beyond the Supernatural” in crimson foil stamping on faux leatherette, which seems to have caused a small bit of confusion, sorry. This is the “original” BTS RPG, first edition rules, plus bonus material. The book is gorgeous and a must for BTS fans. We will add “The Original” to the title with the next printing which, by the way, should make this print run a unique collector’s item.

  • Modern horror and adventure.
  • Dynamic red foil on a black faux leatherette hardcover.
  • The original, 1st Edition BTS rule book exactly as first published, except now as a deluxe hardcover.
  • 28 monsters, most of which can be converted to BTS-2 with some work.
  • Quick roll villain tables.
  • Random Encounter Tables.
  • Random Creature Creation Tables.
  • Weapons and equipment section.
  • 4 adventures, 2 adventure outlines, and countless adventure ideas.
  • Erick Wujcik’s “Victim Characters,” alternative rules for playing classic movie horror and splatter film horror.
  • Erick Wujcik’s Game Master Guide to Beyond the Supernatural and adventures.
  • 32 page “Bonus” adventure by Hendrik Härterich; Operation Minotaur from the pages of The Rifter®.
  • The Arcanist and magic spells. Please note, the magic and spells presented in BTS-1 are very different than how magic (and psionics) work in BTS-2, but offer background and are a fun read.
  • 9 O.C.C.s and psionic abilities. These characters and psionic abilities are different than BTS 2nd Edition and are not suitable for use for it without severe modification.
  • Note #1: BTS-1 is a very different book than BTS 2nd Edition, which makes it interesting and fun in its own right. This is the book that introduced the concept of ley lines, nexus points, places of magic, stone megaliths, doorways to other worlds and the supernatural. The concepts for magic in BTS-1 would become the foundation of magic in Rifts® and across most of the Palladium Megaverse®. It also provides a glimpse of what is to come in the Beyond Arcanum BTS-2 sourcebook.
  • Note #2: Conversion modifications are necessary to use BTS-1 monsters with Beyond the Supernatural, 2nd Edition. It is not directly compatible, but is jam-packed with ideas for creatures and adventures. Not to mention excellent tips for playing horror games and use of the notorious “victim characters” alternative game play.
  • 288 pages of terrifying fun – Cat. No. 699HC.