Imaginos Plus Comic Book #1

Imaginos Plus Comic Book #1
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Imaginos Plus™ #1 Comic Book

A 32 page, color comic book created by long-time Palladium artist and friend, Mark Dudley. Imaginos Plus™ features four, 6-8 page “teasers” for different comic book titles created by Mark Dudley and the Imaginos crew. One of them is a Rifts® story. To Rifts® fans and collectors, this item is well worth the cover price.

  • Rifts®: The Adventures of Young Erin Tarn™ – The title says it all. Art by Noah Page and Benjamin Rodriguez (Palladium artist). Story by Jeff Lilly. Get in on the ground floor of what could develop into a regular comic book series. If that happens, Imaginos Plus™ #1 will become a rare collector’s item. Fewer than 1,000 printed.
  • Requiem™ – Science fiction. Art by Cassie Henry and Gary Mitchell. Story by Joseph A. Cain.
  • Candy Coated™ – A super-hero comedy. Art by Dimitris Moore and Brandon C. Clark (the latter is another old Rifts® artist). Story by C.C. Gamers. (I loved it. Very funny. – Kevin.)
  • Juda Fist™: 7 Deaths of the Yobi – Superheroes, Mercs and mystery. Art by Mark Dudley and Allen Smithy. Story by Mark Dudley. (I wanted more! – Kevin.)
  • Heavy, quality paper stock. Glossy cover by Mark Dudley.
  • Excellent art and color. Quality work all around.
  • Cat. No. Imaginos1 – 32 page comic book. Available now while supplies last.