A+ Comic Issue 5

A+ Comic Issue 5
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NEW! A+Plus #5 Comic Book (1978) – Available now

A+Plus Number Five was the last issue of a 64 page, black and white, independent comic book created and published by Kevin Siembieda and Alex Marciniszyn. The first few issues came out while these two best friends were still in college. It sells on the comic book collector’s market for $10-$20. Had Siembieda continued on the comic book trail, there might never have been a Palladium Books.

  • The Harlequin™ – A 20 page story about a tormented soul who has taken refuge in a circus, but has secretly become a reluctant hero searching for answers about his own origin and purpose. You see, the Harlequin was bio-engineered to be a living weapon. How, why and by whom remains a mystery. Art and story by Kevin Siembieda.(Note: Nick Bradshaw has been trying to convince Kevin to reprint the two Harlequin stories in The Rifter® or as an adventure sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited™, with all new, expanded game background, heroes, villains and adventure hooks. Kevin is considering it.)
  • Arc™ – A strange, 8 page, science fiction story with human and animal characters. Art and story by James Dombrowski. Jim would go on to contribute illustrations to a couple of After the Bomb® sourcebooks and make a career in the newspaper industry.
  • Down to the Last Man™ – The Last Man – science fiction fantasy – was one of A+Plus’ most popular features, and one of the few ongoing series. Art by Brian Siembieda (pencils) and Kevin Siembieda (inks). Story by Brian Siembieda. Yes, Brian is Kevin’s talented younger brother. It started out all humor and took a darker turn as the story progressed. Brian’s inspiration came from the works of Ralph Bakshi, Will Eisner and Vaughn Bode. This 11 page story is one of Kevin’s personal favorites.
  • And now a word from the Overseer – A weird 8 page science fantasy story that ties into being a comic book artist. Art and story by James A. Osten. Jim would work for Palladium Books as an editor for many years.
  • The Bunny of Death™ in the Hare, the Worm and the Desert – A 5 page tale of a truly deadly, sword-wielding, beer drinking rabbit. Art and story by William Messner-Loebs. Bill would go on to create a popular independent comic featuring Wolverine McAllister, before moving on to write The Flash for several years at DC Comics.
  • A couple of short strips, an article about J.R.R. Tolkien’s the Silmarillion and a couple ads round out this final issue.
  • Glossy cover by Michael Kucharski. Mike contributed art to several of the early Palladium Fantasy titles and a couple of the Weapon Books, most notably, Weapons and Assassins™.
  • Newsprint interiors.
  • 24 copies are being made for sale on a first come, first served basis. 5,000 copies of this comic were originally printed. Only around 40 copies remain in Kevin Siembieda’s possession.
  • The book you are buying is the actual comic book printed in 1978 and shows signs of yellowing and age. However, all are in at least good to very good condition. Remember, this comic is 37 years old!
  • Cat No. APlus5 – 64 page, black and white comic book from 1978. 24 copies are available now, ONLY while supplies last.