Rifts® Bestiary™ Color Cover Hardcover “Printer Proof”

Rifts® Bestiary™ Color Cover Hardcover “Printer Proof”
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Rifts® Bestiary Color Cover Hardcover “Printer Proof”

We thought it would be fun to make a few of the Megaverse® Insider Rifts® Bestiary™ Hardcover Editions – Crimson and Color Hardcover editions – available to those of you who might have missed the Insider offer. Each is gorgeous and limited to 150 total copies, or less. These are printer proofs signed by the Palladium crew with one of Kevin Siembieda’s large Dragon Head sketches in the front of the book. These two, rare collector editions are in high demand and will only increase in value over time, especially after Volume Two is released. As a result, the price is higher than the Insider cost per book.

80+ creatures, 18 or so new, plus all other monsters tweaked, updated and expanded. This book is packed with monstrous goodness, cool creatures for use by players, adventure ideas for Game Masters, and monsters to shake things up.

  • 8 copies available – 150 total copies were printed, most are already sold! Available on a first-come, first served basis.
  • 80+ creatures of Rifts North America described in detail.
  • Same contents as the softcover edition.
  • Easily adapted to any Palladium setting; basic S.D.C. stats included for each creature description.
  • 256 pages – $65.00 retail – Cat. No. 896HC-CC.
  • Shipping now on a first come, first served basis while super-limited supply lasts!