Rifts® Coalition Wars® 3: Sorcerers' Revenge™

Rifts® Coalition Wars® 3: Sorcerers' Revenge™
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Coalition Wars®
Siege on Tolkeen™ 3:
Sorcerers' Revenge™

The sorcerers of Tolkeen strike back in a murderous fury that stuns and bewilders the mighty Coalition Army. Combat and hatred heats up as both sides escalate the level of war.

The Coalition Wars series is "hot" -- keeping fans guessing as to who will be the decisive winner and loser of this dramatic conflict.

  • Secrets of the Dragon Kings.
  • Shadow Dragons -- aggressive, dragon-warriors fighting like demons on the side of Tolkeen (as depicted on the cover of book one).
  • Dozens of inhuman and magic wielding villains and NPCs; Tolkeen's most notorious defenders (some would say madmen).
  • Iron Juggernauts of the air and water.
  • Tolkeen's strategies and tactics.
  • More background on the Kingdom of Tolkeen.
  • World information and history.
  • Adventure ideas galore.
  • Cat. No. 841
  • Page Count: 112 pages.
  • Cover by: Dave Dorman depicting Shadow Dragons on the attack.
  • Interior Art: Perez, Breaux, Wilson, Johnson and Williams.
  • Written by: Kevin Siembieda with Bill Coffin.