Softcover Rifts® Ultimate Edition (backorder)

Softcover Rifts® Ultimate Edition (backorder)
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Softcover Rifts® Ultimate Edition

One of our new printers sent Palladium a softcover version of the Rifts® Ultimate Edition as an example of their print quality and color work. It was excellent. What I did not expect was that everyone who saw the RUE “softcover” went bonkers over it. “What’s this? You’re doing a softcover version? How can I get one?!” They were excited and wanted it even when I explained it was exactly the same as the hardcover without the end sheets. Still they wanted one. Badly. Wild man Carmen Bellaire even offered me $50 for the sample. So due to popular demand, Rifts® Ultimate Edition is now available as a perfect bound softcover (Cat. No. 800SE). And it is sitting in the warehouse right now waiting for your orders. Please note that we will also keep the hardcover (Cat. No. 800HC) available.

Rifts® is the embodiment of wonder, danger, courage, and endless adventure in a post-apocalyptic Earth setting that is stranger than any number of alien worlds. Humanity battles for survival against aliens and supernatural invaders from the Rifts. Magic and technology both exist and often clash. Around the next corner you may encounter a dragon, cyborg, monster, giant robot, alien, vampire, or even a god.

Rifts® is a fusion of settings and characters that seamlessly merges science fiction, fantasy, horror, heroic adventure, and other genres in a thrilling, plausible setting that will set your imagination on fire. Travel the Rifts – tears in space and time – to any location on Earth or leap across the dimensional divide to visit alien worlds and dimensions in a matter of seconds.

Explore not just exotic and mysterious locations but unique characters like Dragon Hatchlings, Cyber-Knights, Glitter Boys, Ley Line Walkers, Techno-Wizards, Crazies, and Juicers, to name but a few. Not to mention hundreds of different alien, supernatural, magical, and otherworldly beings – most available as player characters.

Everything about Rifts® challenges the imagination and provides gaming opportunities like no other RPG. All of it set on a post apocalypse Earth that is both familiar and as alien as a thousand different planets. So get yours, build your character, start a campaign, and watch your characters become legends.

  • 30+ player characters to choose from; tech, magic, and psychic.
  • Cyborgs, robot and power armor pilots, scouts, assassins, and more.
  • Weapons, armor, vehicles, and equipment.
  • 140+ magic spells for magic characters like Ley Line Walkers, Mystics, Techno-Wizards, Shifters, and others.
  • 90 psionic powers and psychic characters.
  • World overview, the Coalition States, and more.
  • Sourcebooks offer hundreds of different aliens, supernatural beings, creatures of magic, and locations for adventure.
  • There has never been another RPG quite like Rifts®.
  • 376 pages – 3 color sections, 24 pages total. The softcover book is identical to the hardcover edition.
  • Rifts® Ultimate Edition Softcover – Cat. No. 800SE.