The Deluxe Revised RECON®

The Deluxe Revised RECON®
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Deluxe Revised RECON®

The Deluxe edition collects the Revised RECON® RPG and Advanced RECON® sourcebook into one attractive package. A dynamic new cover, some new interior art and artful repackaging makes the re-release of this highly requested classic a beauty.
Deluxe Revised RECON® is a complete role-playing game written by Erick Wujcik, and includes Joe Martin's original miniature combat rules. It also includes several adventures and adventure ideas for Vietnam era combat.
Note: This RPG does not use Palladium's Megaversal role-playing game rules. It is a different game system. Over 200 pages.

  • A complete stand-alone RPG
  • Over a dozen adventures.
  • Dynamic new cover painting.
  • Cat. No. 600
  • Page Count: 200+ pages
  • Cover by: Kevin Fales
  • Interior Art: Johnson, Breaux, Siembieda and others.
  • Written by: Erick Wujcik.
  • $26.99 - Cat. No. 600; I.S.B.N. 1-574-023-4