Gramercy Island™ for Heroes Unlimited™ 2nd Edition

Gramercy Island™ for Heroes Unlimited™ 2nd Edition
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Gramercy Island™
For Heroes Unlimited™ 2nd Edition

Gramercy Island is a penitentiary in the tradition of Alcatraz and Ryker's only it specializes in the containment of "superhumans."

Century Station's and many of America's worst super-criminals find themselves locked away in this foreboding prison.

  • The Prison, described and mapped.
  • Special mechanisms for hold and controlling superhumans.
  • State-of-the-art superhuman containment wing.
  • Over 90 new supervillains and criminal masterminds.
  • A look at superhuman prison culture.
  • Corruption, violence, betrayal and, perhaps for a few, redemption.
  • Loads of background, secrets and 101 adventure ideas.
  • Cat. No. 518
  • Page Count: 200+ pages.
  • Cover by: John Zeleznik depicting a breakout.
  • Interior Art: Breaux, Wilson, Perez, Williams and others.
  • Written by: Bill Coffin