Heroes Unlimited™ G.M's Guide

Heroes Unlimited™ G.M's Guide
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Heroes Unlimited™ 2nd Edition
Game Master's Guide

This "guide" to comic book style heroic adventure is full of tips, suggestions, and examples on how to create, run and play adventures. To start the G.M. and players off, we include 10 fully fleshed out adventures, plus all kinds of guidelines, random tables, lists, and background data.

  • Game Master (and player) tips.
  • Rampage combat rules - new!
  • New magic spells (and lots of 'em).
  • Quick roll Villains!
  • Vigilantes and the law.
  • Anti-Heroes and tips on playing in character.
  • Superbeings as lawmen and alignment guidelines.
  • Tips on how to build and run adventures.
  • Ten full adventures and ideas for more.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda & Wayne Breaux Jr.
  • 224 pages.
  • Cat. No. 516
  • I.S.B.N. 1-57457-035-8