After the Bomb® Book Two: Road Hogs™

After the Bomb® Book Two: Road Hogs™
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After the Bomb® Book Two:
Road Hogs

Adventures in the post-holocaust world of mutant animals continue as we travel to the west coast, where the highways and the byways have become the domain of mutated, animal bikers and savage gangs. Players will likely be aligned with the peaceful New Americorp, fighting off the evil forces of the Road Hogs Gang, Human Supremacists, or the Enslavers.

New rules are provided for vehicular combat in a world where those with the fastest cars, biggest guns, and coolest heads get the right of way. Building up your vehicle is just a matter of how much money your character can afford, and rules detail construction, optional equipment, combat and much, much more.

* Over 20 New mutant animal types.
* Four adventure scenarios.
* Vehicular combat and weapons.
* Compatible with Heroes Unlimited™.
* 48 pages.
* Cat. No. 505, I.S.B.N. 0-916211-20-7