PFRPG® Book 13: Northern Hinterlands™

PFRPG® Book 13: Northern Hinterlands™
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The Northern Hinterlands™
For The Palladium Fantasy RPG®

A fantasy sourcebook that explores and maps the area of the Great Northern Wilderness just outside the mountains that divide the Land of the Damned from the rest of the world.

  • The Shadow Coast of Bizantium. A hotbed of colonial rebellion.
  • Kiridin, land of Eternal Autumn and oppression from the Coyle hordes.
  • Coyle clans, villains and monsters.
  • The Wild Lords -- long forgotten gods.
  • Information about the Vault of Destiny and Palladium of Desires!
  • Key people and places.
  • Maps and adventure ideas.

Cat. No. 467
Page Count: 192 pages.
Cover by: Michael Sutfin.
Interior Art: Wilson, Williams, Breaux, Burles, Johnson and Walpole.
Written by: Bill Coffin.