Compendium of Modern Weapons

Compendium of Modern Weapons
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The Compendium of Modern Weapons

Your guide to 20th Century weapons for use in modern role-playing games is back, due to popular demand. Easily adaptable to ANY role-playing game. Ready to use in Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, Beyond the Supernatural, Dead Reign®, Nightbane®, After the Bomb, Systems Failure, and even Rifts® (think Golden Age Weaponsmiths). It is a comprehensive resource to modern armaments with clear ranges, damage, and other game stats. Enjoy.

This is a direct response to the many requests asking Palladium to re-release the Compendium of “Contemporary” Weapons. Since we did not add any new material to make it truly “contemporary,” we renamed it the Compendium of “Modern” Weapons. All the weapons contained in this tome are still viable today and represent the vast majority of weapons used around the world.

  • 450+ weapons from around the world, listed by country and type.
  • 106 small arms – pistols and revolvers.
  • 92 military grade rifles.
  • 68 submachine-guns.
  • 43 anti-tank weapons.
  • 38 hand grenades & pyrotechnic devices.
  • 28 machine-guns.
  • 25 grenade launchers.
  • 13 shotguns.
  • 17 anti-aircraft, light support, and mortars.
  • 21 armored vehicles.
  • 17 types of body armor.
  • Flamethrowers, EOD, and riot control gear.
  • Plus some bayonets, special magazines, scopes, and accessories.
  • Historically and technically accurate. Suitable for most game systems. Bring more firepower to your tabletop games.
  • 176 pages – Cat. No. 415.