Mechanoids® Space (pre-order)

Mechanoids® Space (pre-order)
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Mechanoids® Space

A new role-playing game

Development on Mechanoids® Space is coming along nicely. I've been kicking around ideas and working on it here and there for almost two and a half years now, and I can hardly wait to get it out. I think the concepts, setting and avenues for adventure are so exciting that Mechanoids® Space could be the Rifts® for the next generation.

I'm not releasing a lot of new information on the book because I don't want to diminish the impact of the game when it is released.

What follows is all I can tell you right now.

  • The Mechanoids® are back with a vengeance. Their disappearance and apparent self-destruction the means to "purge" themselves of mutations and dangerous free-thinkers. To recreate their race!
  • Now they are back and have begun to purge the universe of human and humanoid "contamination" while rebuilding their empire.
  • Psychics throughout the old Mechanoid space-ways are beset by grim visions and premonitions.
  • Dead Mechanoids® computers on their Home World spring to life. All repeat the same message: The Mechanoids have returned, stronger, more numerous and more bloodthirsty than ever. Insane beings bent on sweeping the universe in a campaign to eradicate all human and humanoid life forms! That mission begins now!!
  • The Mechanoids® redefined. Including new designs, new types and renegades.
  • The secrets of the Mechanoid Home World and other secrets revealed.
  • The Confederacy of Planets and the many past victims of the Mechanoids unite in an intergalactic campaign to find, stop, and whenever possible destroy the Mechanoids.
  • Player characters are these intrepid heroes. Men and women from a growing multitude of races who go forth to discover new worlds, make new alliances and defend entire planets from the devouring horde that is The Mechanoids®.
  • Genetically engineered human "Ultras."
  • Human "Retros" and "ESPers.".
  • All the old favorite alien races and new ones join the ranks.
  • I think it will be a Hit Point/S.D.C. system, perhaps with Mega-Damage conversion (let me know what you think and would like to see).
  • True "World Books" will expand Mechanoids® Space on a cosmic level. Introducing new heroes, victims, enemies and adventure settings.
  • I want Mechanoids® Space to be truly epic and boggle the imagination.
  • The initial game will be a stand-alone role-playing game; probably over 220 pages.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda.