Rifts® Poker Cards, Deck Two (line art)

Rifts® Poker Cards, Deck Two (line art)
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Rifts® Poker Deck Two: Heroes, Monsters and Machines

This second deck of playing cards captures Rifts® in a different light. Each card features a different iconic, black and white illustration set in a color border of rippling magic energy from the Rifts. Illustrations are by a wide range of fan favorite artists. A fun and attractive item for playing cards, collecting, and other uses.

  • Premium card stock.
  • Standard US Poker size deck of playing cards.
  • Rifts® specific symbols for each suit.
  • 52 playing cards featuring iconic illustrations, plus 2 Jokers.
  • Each card has a unique illustration of a famous Rifts® hero, monster, mech or agent of the Coalition. Artists include Kevin Long, Ramon K. Perez, Freddie Williams II, Michael Wilson, Jeffery Russell, Apollo Okamura, and others.
  • The back of the cards is the artwork from the cover of Rifts® Psyscape™ depicting a beautiful female psychic warrior, triumphant over a robotic enemy. Art by John Zeleznik.
  • Cat. No. 2576 – comes in a customized, full color, Rifts® tuck box when ordered directly from Palladium Books.