The Rifter« #37

The Rifter« #37
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The Rifter® #37

Each issue of The Rifter® presents official and unofficial adventures, characters, powers, weapons, equipment and fiction for Rifts® and 3-5 different Palladium games and world settings. It's also a forum where we test new ideas, showcase new talent and new sourcebooks and games, and it is a way for fans to get the latest news and sneak previews of upcoming Palladium products, events and secret projects.

In short, if you're into one or more of Palladium's role-playing games and like to explore optional source material, and new realms of possibility, then The Rifter® is for you.

Issue #37 includes:

  • Splicers┬«: House Shiva - Official Splicers┬« source material by Todd Yoho.
  • Heroes Unlimited┬Ö: The Expanded Mega-Hero.
  • Rifts┬«: Short Story by Jason Marker.
  • Rifts┬« source material to tickle any fan.
  • The latest chapter of Hammer of the Forge┬Ö.
  • Stories and fiction.
  • News, coming attractions and fun.
  • 96 pages - Cat. No. 137.