Benefactor – Rifts® Bestiary Two

Benefactor – Rifts® Bestiary Two
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You get the following:

1. Your name listed under “Benefactor” in the Insider Acknowledgment section of the book.

2. The PDF of Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume TWO.

3. The Super-Limited Edition Hardcover with the color cover, signed.

4. The Super-Limited Edition “Imperial Purple Beast” Hardcover of the book, signed.

5. BOTH hardcover books are signed by Kevin Siembieda and available Palladium staff (and possibly a few freelancers).

6. Kevin Siembieda will draw a large dragon head sketch in both hardcover editions.

7. Chuck Walton will draw a creature sketch on the credits page of your Imperial Purple Beast Hardcover.

8. Two signed, limited edition prints of the cover, one color and one black and white of the pencil drawing, both by artist Charles “Chuck” Walton, both signed by Chuck Walton and Kevin Siembieda; 8½ x 11 inch size.

9. Eight prints of as yet “unseen” artwork from one or more upcoming Palladium releases, each signed by Publisher Kevin Siembieda (may be reproductions of concept art or actual art slated for publication).

10. Top Secret – For Your Eyes Only: An unfinished, unedited, advance excerpt from an upcoming release – may be something not even yet announced.

11. YOUR NAME as an unstatted character in the book. This would be something like “Coalition Scientist Kerry Wilkinson theorizes that monster X is ...” or “First reported by Wilderness Scout Eric Smith ...”

12. Benefactor Bonus: One original, preliminary sketch or concept drawing (original art) of a creature that appears in Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume Two or Volume Three. The original art is by Charles “Chuck” Walton. The “sketch” is a cool, one-of-a-kind piece of original art, but is NOT the finished drawing as it appears in the book. Signed by Chuck Walton and Kevin Siembieda.

13. A signed “Raw Preview” of the upcoming Rifts® Lazlo World Book. Signed by Kevin Siembieda and available staff.