Imperial Purple Beast Insider – Rifts® Bestiary Two

Imperial Purple Beast Insider – Rifts® Bestiary Two
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Imperial Purple Beast Insider – Hardcover

You get the following:

1. Your name listed under “Imperial Purple Beast Insider” in the Insider Acknowledgment section of the published book.

2. The Signed and Numbered Imperial Purple Beast Super-Limited Collector’s Hardcover: A black leatherette with “imperial purple” foil printing on the front cover and spine (think gold edition printed in purple foil instead of gold), and it is signed and numbered by the available Palladium staff. Otherwise, the book has the exact same interior as the softcover. It is likely to ship 2-4 weeks AFTER the softcover as it takes longer to get hardcover editions printed and bound.

Only Insiders who pay $75 or more get this book, which should keep the number printed low (in the past, under 400 copies). Also, we print only what you order (plus a few dozen additional for staff, friends and special promotions). That means if we get 270 orders, we only print 270 copies of this book (+48 for Palladium staff, friends and special promotions). If the number is 65, we print 65 (+48 extra). It doesn’t get more LIMITED than this. And you own one of the very, very few signed and numbered Imperial Purple Beast Editions in existence because you are a Megaverse Insider. This book is available only via this Megaverse® Insider offer. The Imperial Purple Edition will NEVER be reprinted. This is it. Note: This book is numbered and signed by available Palladium staff.