Cyber-Insider – Rifts® Bestiary Two

Cyber-Insider – Rifts® Bestiary Two
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Cyber-Insider Volume TWO (PDF of book only)

You get your name listed under “Cyber-Insider” in the Insider Acknowledgment section of the printed Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume TWO and a PDF copy (not the print copy) around the time that the physical book will ship from the Palladium warehouse. There is no shipping cost for this item.

ONLY INSIDERS have the opportunity to get this bookmarked PDF of Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume TWO around the same time the printed book ships! This is the only way to get a PDF of this new release from Palladium for six months after its release, and the offer is only available for a limited period of time as part of the Megaverse Insider offer. It will NOT be made available as a PDF by any other means, nor elsewhere, for at least six months after the book is released. And it will cost a couple bucks more when it does become available. Note: This is one of the things that makes you an “Insider” – you have the opportunity to get stuff not available to the average gamer, during a limited window of time while we are raising funds.

Please, we ask that you do NOT share, distribute or post the Insider PDF anywhere, as it defeats the whole purpose of being a Megaverse® Insider and it can hurt, rather than help, Palladium. Thank you so much for your support!