Inside Help – Rifts® Bestiary Two

Inside Help – Rifts® Bestiary Two
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Inside Help

Inside Help gets your name listed under “Inside Help” in the Insider Acknowledgment section of the book. The Purchaser can list his or her own name or submit the name of a fellow player, Game Master, friend, child, sibling, spouse, parent, or loved one he or she would like to acknowledge. EACH name is a separate purchase and costs $5. Real names only, and it must be the first and last name, e.g. John Smith. Note: You do not get a copy of the book with this purchase. The book is a separate purchase. All listings of Insider names shall remain in print for the life of the book, including reprints, for at least as long as Kevin Siembieda is the owner and publisher of Palladium Books. (Which we anticipate to be decades.) There is no shipping cost for this item.