The Rifter® #1 (limited quantities)

The Rifter® #1 (limited quantities)
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The Rifter® #1

The Rifter #1 is our 128 page introductory issue featuring G.M. tips from Erick Wujcik, new superpowers for Heroes Unlimited™, Rifts® New Roman Republic, Rifts® City creation rules, KODT strip, fan fiction, and Nightbane® Morphus tables, Optional Faction (the Inlustris) and O.C.C.s. Cat. No. 101, ISBN 157457-009-9

What is The Rifter®?

Really, there has never been anything like it.

The Rifter is a synthesis of a sourcebook, Game Master's guide, a magazine and talent show/a fan forum.

The Rifter® is like a sourcebook because it will include a ton of role-playing source material (optional and official). This will include New O.C.C.s, NPC heroes, NPC villains, new powers and abilities, weapons, adventure settings, adventures and adventure ideas, and Hook, Line and Sinkers™.

The Rifter® is like a G.M.'s guide because it will include special articles and tips on role-playing, how to handle common problems, how to build an adventure and so on.

The Rifter® is like a magazine because it comes out four times a year, and because it will feature Palladium news, advertisements, serial articles and continuing features.

Most importantly, The Rifter® is a forum for Palladium's Fans. We get tons of fan submissions that are pretty good, but not good enough for publication as an entire sourcebook. In other cases, the submission is something clever and cool, but only a few pages long.

The Rifter® will reprint some of those "Web-Works™" allowing fans (and the world at large) to get a glimpse of their genius. It is one more avenue in which fans and professionals alike can share their visions of role-playing and the Palladium Megaverse with other fans. It's a chance to get published, get a little cash, get your name in lights (well, in print) and have fun.

This also means, more than any RPG publication ever produced, The Rifter® is yours. Yours to present and share ideas. Yours to help shape and mold. Yours to share.

Why call it The Rifter®? Because each issue will span the Palladium Megaverse of games, adventures and ideas. Each issue will publish features from people across the Web and beyond! But mainly because each and every one of us, from game designer and publisher, to Joe Gamer, traverses the Megaverse® every time we read an RPG or play in a role-playing game. We travel the infinite realm of the imagination, hopping from one world to the next -- building one world to the next. Time and space are meaningless in our imaginations as we Rift from one place and time to another.


The focus is on the vast Palladium Megaverse, so each issue provides new and optional source material for Rifts® and 2-5 other Palladium RPG lines -- Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Heroes Unlimited, Nightbane®, Beyond the Supernatural, Ninjas & Superspies, Robotech®, RECON® and all the rest, as well as special game ideas, previews and experimental RPG ideas.

Most issues present articles, commentaries, hints and tips for Game Mastering, playing, and building role-playing campaigns.

Contributors are from around the world. And The Rifter® is sold around the world!

Fan stuff. This is a chance for our many talented fans and blossoming writers to see their names in print and contribute to the Palladium Megaverse®. See the Palladium Website for information, updates, and all kinds of stuff going on at Palladium (

Professionals and freelancers like Kevin Siembieda, Erick Wujcik, Jolly Blackburn, Julius Rosenstein, Patrick Nowak, and Wayne Breaux also contribute regularly to The Rifter®

As an unabashed house organ, The Rifter® is dedicated exclusively to Palladium RPG products and include sections on the latest Palladium news, upcoming releases, coming attractions (art and text), scheduling changes, convention appearances, advertisements for the latest Rifts® and other Palladium role-playing games and products, and who knows what else.

Artwork, cartoons, and comic strips are also included.