The Rifter® 2018 Super-Subscription Offer (4 issues)

The Rifter® 2018 Super-Subscription Offer (4 issues)
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The Rifter® 2018 Super-Subscription Offer

  • Free gift(s)
  • $17 savings off cover price
  • Free shipping of each issue in the USA
  • Each fun issue delivered to your doorstep
  • Each issue a sourcebook for the Palladium Megaverse®
  • Must put “Sub Offer #232018” in the memo area of your check.

Super-Subscription Offer

The cover price of The Rifter® is going up a dollar to $14.99 starting with issue #80 (this does not affect current subscribers). Still a great price for 96 pages of RPG source material and adventures.

Ah, but the 2018 Super-Subscription Offer starts now, and it gets you The Rifter® delivered to your doorstep for only $10.74 an issue. And you can select a free gift worth $24.95 to $46.80 – available only during this special offer – for the cost of shipping and handling. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Offer ends February 28, 2018.

Looking for fresh, bold ideas, adventures or source material for your games? Then The Rifter® is for you. Every issue of The Rifter® presents unofficial and/or official source material such as new monsters, magic, powers, weapons, hardware, villains, O.C.C.s, adventure, fiction and new ideas for at least three (often more) adventure settings, from Rifts® and Splicers® to Heroes Unlimited™, Palladium Fantasy RPG® and/or any variety of other Palladium world settings. Most of which can be easily adapted to ANY Palladium world setting. It also presents the latest news, product release info, and peeks at new game releases. Many out of print issues are coveted collector’s items. For a while, people were reportedly paying as much as $70 for issues #4 and 21.

  • $42.96 – USA. That’s only $10.74 each, a savings of $17.00, and Palladium pays the shipping! Plus you get to select a FREE subscriber’s gift worth $24.95-$46.80 (please include $7.00 to cover shipping and handling). That’s $49.96 total including shipping and handling for the free gift. Note: This rate is limited to subscribers in the USA only. Sorry.
  • $92.96 – with shipping to Canada. That’s $23.24 for each issue of The Rifter®, plus you get to select a FREE subscriber’s gift (please include $24.00 to cover shipping and handling). That’s $116.96 including the gift items. That’s still not a bad price for four 96 page sourcebooks and 2-3 other books. Our apologies for the high cost, but shipping costs outside the USA continue to rise.
  • $130.96 – with shipping Overseas. That’s $32.74 for each 96 page issue, plus you get to select a FREE subscriber’s gift (please include $34.00 to cover shipping and handling). That’s $164.96 including the gift item. Our apologies for the high cost of shipping. We are only passing along our actual cost.

Note: Please indicate if the gift items are NOT wanted. You may decline the gift and get your subscription for the regular price of $42.96 (USA), $92.96 (Canada) or $130.96 (other countries). Offer #232018 ends February 28, 2018.

A FREE gift worth $24.95 to $46.80

You pay only the cost of shipping and handling ($7.00 in the USA, $24.00 Canada, and $34.00 overseas) for the FREE gift. Your choices are listed below.

  • Gift choice #1 – Rifter® “Collector’s Pack” (3 books; 336 pages): FREE, out of print The Rifter® #2 (KoDt, Techno-Wizard™ devices and O.C.C.s, Wujcik campaign tips, pirates and more), plus The Rifter® #14 (Fantasy adventure, magic, monsters, Rifts® Fadetowns™, Ninjas & Superspies™ adventure, HU2, Nightbane® and more) and The Rifter® #16 (Fantasy, Heroes Unlimited™, Rifts® adventures, tons of Nightbane®, more) – a $39.85 value (we sell issue #2 only at conventions for $15.95).
  • Gift choice #2 – Artistic Fun Pack (3 books): FREE Future Visions: The Art of Charles Walton II (96 pages of powerful art intended for upcoming Splicers® and other projects), Rifts® Machinations of Doom (72 page Perez graphic novel + 48 pages of source material), and Rifts® Coloring Book (48 pages of John Zeleznik art for coloring or to enjoy) – $38.85 value.
  • Gift choice #3 – AtB Mutant Animal Action Pack (4 books): FREE Road Hogs (18 mutant animals, vehicle creation, more), Mutants of the Yucatan (20 mutant animals, encounter tables, more), Mutants of Avalon (18 mutant animals, Druids, magic & more) and the original, out of print, 48 page After the Bomb® “Sourcebook” by Erick Wujcik, ALL easily adaptable to Rifts® or Heroes Unlimited™ – $46.80 value.
  • Gift choice #4 – Dead of Winter Pack (2 books): FREE Dead Reign® sourcebooks for a taste of the Zombie Apocalypse and adventure ideas; Fear the Reaper™ and Graveyard Earth™ – a $25.90 value.
  • Gift choice #5 – Minion War™ on Rifts Earth (1 book): FREE Rifts® World Book 35: Megaverse® in Flames™. This book, Heroes of Humanity, HoH CS Arsenal and Disavowed are laying the groundwork for something big. Do not miss out – $24.95 value.
  • Gift choice #6 – Dark Powers™ (2 books): FREE Nightbane Dark Designs™ (nearly 100 Nightbane Talents/powers, much more), and Mystic China™ (Asian mysticism, Immortals, 87 spells, other magicks, O.C.C.s, 14 Chinese martial arts) – $45.90 value.
  • Gift choice #7 – Land of the Damned Two: Eternal Torment (1 book): FREE 224 page sourcebook for Palladium Fantasy RPG® (the land described, 15 types of undead, 15 Chaos Beasts, curses, 100+ adventure hooks and more!) – $24.95 value.

IMPORTANT GIFT NOTE: Please include shipping and handling to receive your FREE gift: $7.00 in USA, $24.00 in Canada, $34.00 overseas. Thank you. Note: Decline the free gift and pay only the subscription price if you wish.

How to order

Please indicate the issue number you’d like your new subscription to start at: #78 (the past issue), #79 (the current issue), #80 (next issue), or the issue when your current subscription ends (please provide the number if you can).

Telephone orders: 734-721-2903 (this is an order line only) and have your credit card information ready.

Offer #232018 ENDS February 28, 2018. The Super-Subscription offer is NOT available online in March. Only mail orders are valid in March.

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USA - No Gift
Canada - No Gift
Overseas - No gift
The Rifter #2, #14, and #16
Future Visions, Rifts Machinations of Doom, and Rifts Coloring Book
Road Hogs, Mutants of the Yucatan, Mutants of Avalon, and original After the Bomb® Sourcebook
Fear the Reaper and Graveyard Earth for Dead Reign
Rifts World Book 35: Megaverse in Flames
Mystic China and Nightbane Dark Designs
Eternal Torment, for the Palladium Fantasy RPG
No gift, thanks.