2018 Palladium Open House Saturday Admission

2018 Palladium Open House Saturday Admission
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2018 Palladium Open House – April 19-22, 2018

Game at the Palladium Books warehouse with the people who create the games you enjoy

Here is a simple placeholder for the 2018 Palladium Open House along with some highlights. We will have a more complete POH description and details up and available by this weekend.

  • VIP Thursday – April 19, 2018 (special): $95 per person. 3:00 PM doors open and you get first crack at limited editions, original art, new products, specialty items, and meet Palladium staff and creators – 6:00 PM dinner – 7:00 PM Opening Ceremonies – 8:00 PM the evening’s games begin. Cost of VIP night is $95 (dinner included). Limited to about 100-120 people. Note: VIP Thursday always sells out fast, so we offer half the tickets now and half at the end of January or early February, 2018. We need the names of EACH individual you are purchasing a ticket for.
  • VIP Thursday: $95 (Thursday only)
  • Weekend Pass: $55 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
  • Friday (only): $30
  • Saturday (only): $30
  • Sunday (only): $12

Methods of Payment

Placing Your Order: Please include your FULL address and apartment number. Also include the complete NAME of EACH person you are ordering a ticket for, as well as your telephone number in case there is a problem and we need to contact you.

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and most credit cards are accepted. All Credit Card orders must include: Credit Card No. – Name on the card – Address of the Credit Cardholder – Expiration Date – Telephone Number of the cardholder.

By Telephone: Call (734) 721-2903 – have your credit card information ready. You may place your reservation online in a similar way as placing a book order, or you may use Palladium’s order line 734-721-2903.

Check or Money Order by Mail: Sent via the USPS or other delivery service. Send check or money order to:

            Palladium Books
            Dept. POH
            39074 Webb Court
            Westland, MI 48185-7606

Please include your FULL address and apartment number. Also include the complete NAME of EACH person you are ordering a ticket for, as well as your telephone number in case there is a problem and we need to contact you.

All tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis, so get your reservations in as soon as possible! Due to space and parking limitations and safety concerns, attendance is strictly limited to approximately 350 participants.

Cancellation: You can cancel your Open House or V.I.P. order up to March 1, 2018 and get a FULL refund.

We NEED to know in advance how many gamers are coming so we have enough games and events to keep everyone busy. The sooner you order, the better for Palladium. Credit Cards will be charged immediately.

All “advance” reservations must be in by April 2, 2018. A name must be assigned to each ticket. No refunds for cancellations after March 1, 2018. No refunds for no-shows.

Admission at the door is available, provided there is still room! Kathy Simmons will be handling reservations and tickets, so you know everything will be timely and organized.

POH Highlights:

  • Come play at the very site where the magic happens.
  • Three days of gaming (4 for those attending VIP night), plus panel talks and more.
  • Many games run by the writers and artists who create them!
  • Saturday Auction (original art, out of print items and oddities).
  • Largest gathering of Palladium creators anywhere! Artists, writers, Defilers and more.
  • Held at the Palladium warehouse and office where your favorite games are made. Westland, Michigan.
  • Typically 20+ Palladium creators will be present to chat and sign books.
  • Get original artwork, character sketches, books and more.

Two Hotels: 1. Red Roof Inn, $49.95 plus tax per night. It is only 3 miles away (near where the old hotel was). Make sure you tell them you want the Palladium Books Open House Block and request two beds if that’s what you need. Located in Plymouth.

2. Hampton Inn and Suites, $119.00 per night plus tax for two Queen beds – or – $129 per night for one King-size bed and a pull out sofa (you should probably confirm that). Only 2 miles away. MAKE SURE you ask for the Palladium Books special rates and request two beds if that’s what you need. Both hotels have a limited number of rooms with two twin beds. Located in Canton.

Hotels and Palladium warehouse are 15-20 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus, Michigan, near I-275.

Complete POH details will be posted in the Palladium online store no later than Saturday, August 26, 2017. Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Important Note: For legal reasons, we must ask all potential guests of the Palladium Open House to read the following Consent to Participate and Release of Liability agreement. By purchasing a ticket to the Open House, you duly agree to accept the terms within this Release. If you don't accept the terms, please do NOT purchase a ticket. Thank you.


By purchasing an admission ticket(s), I/we do hereby state that I/we wish to participate in activities sponsored by the internationally known role-playing game publisher, Palladium Books, Inc., a Michigan corporation (hereafter "Palladium").

I/we understand that attendance and all activities are VOLUNTARY and that I/we do not have to attend or participate unless I/we choose to do so. I/we understand that by attending the Palladium Open House and participating in panel talks and gaming events that I/we voluntarily accept and assume the risk to myself or damage to or loss of my property. I/we understand and agree that Palladium is not liable for any loss or damage to my/our person, vehicle or property.

I/we understand and agree that Palladium does NOT provide any insurance coverage for my person or my property. I/we acknowledge that I/we am responsible for my safety and my own health care needs, and for the protection of my/our vehicle and property.

In exchange for allowing me/us to participate in the Open House activities and events, I/we agree to release from liability, agree to indemnify, and hold harmless Palladium Books Inc., and any Palladium agent, officer, employee or volunteer worker acting within the scope of their duties, for any injury to my person or damage or loss of property.

This Release shall be binding upon myself/ourselves, successors in interest, and/or any person(s) suing on my/our behalf. We further agree that any disagreements under this agreement shall be resolved under the laws of, and in courts located in, the State of Michigan.

I/we am at least 18 years old and have read and understood this document, and if under the age of 18, I have had my parent or legal guardian read, approve and accept the terms of this Release. I/we voluntarily agree to it as is acknowledged by the purchasing of this ticket. I/we understand that this document is complete unto itself and that any oral promises or representations made to me/us concerning this document and/or its terms are not binding upon Palladium, its officers, agents, employees or volunteer workers. If asked, I/we agree to sign a copy of this Release at the Open House location.