Rifts® Ley Line Walker 32mm Resin Miniature

Rifts® Ley Line Walker 32mm Resin Miniature
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Rifts® Ley Line Walker Miniature

Ley Line Walker forming an energy sphere and walking above the ground along a crackling ley line. His cape blowing in the wind, a Wilk’s laser pistol in the other hand. This is the best depiction of this mage ever. Incredible detail. It is almost as if he has walked off the page of the Rifts® RPG.

  • 2 1/8 inches tall on a custom, elevated ley line base.
  • Sturdy, detailed, lightweight, gray resin miniature.
  • Quick and easy to build. Fun to paint.
  • Sculpted by Ben Calvert-Lee. Thank you Carmen Bellaire and Rogue Heroes LLC.
  • Cat. No. MI8051.