Rifts® World Book: Antarctica (pre-order)

Rifts® World Book: Antarctica (pre-order)
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Rifts® Antarctica

Rifts® Antarctica is a truly compelling and exotic land beyond what anyone expects. A frozen continent transformed by the power of magic and alien wildlife. Long isolated from the rest of the world, Rifts, D-Shifting events and the threat of war have now brought the distant South Pole within reach.

  • New alien monsters and D-Bees.
  • Strange new weapons and vehicles. Some left over from the Golden Age of Humanity, others completely alien.
  • The Splugorth’s secret outpost. More than it would seem.
  • A Splugorth zoo and place of secret Bio-Wizard experiments.
  • Snow and Ice Golems created specifically for the cold environment.
  • An ancient city of stone that predates human history and which even the Splugorth fear, let alone their minions! Ask yourself, what could possibly scare the Splugorth? Find out.
  • Danger from Elements, Ice Witches, Icecraft, and other horrors.
  • Vostok City, a city of magic carved from the ice itself.
  • Cold-weather skills, technology and survival techniques.
  • Ancient danger and dark secrets.
  • Written by Matthew Clements, Carmen Bellaire, and Kevin Siembieda.
  • 160 pages (tentative) – Cat. No. 898.