Secrets of the Atlanteans™ “Gold” Edition Hardcover

Secrets of the Atlanteans™ “Gold” Edition Hardcover
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Secrets of the Atlanteans “Gold” Edition Hardcover

The source material in Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™ is so awesome and the Atlanteans and Sunaj are so iconic, Palladium is making a limited edition, signed and numbered collector’s hardcover. Contains the same source material as the softcover edition. Signed by the Palladium staff.

  • Black faux leather hardcover with metallic gold imprint.
  • Signed by the Palladium staff.
  • Numbered 1-300 and sold on a first come, first served basis. The number you receive is based on the order in which orders are received.
  • 60+ new Magic Tattoos.
  • 60+ Shadow Magic spells.
  • 50+ new Crystal Magic spells and the Crystal Mage O.C.C.
  • Stone Master and Undead Slayer, revisited.
  • Sunaj Shadow Mage and Shadow Assassin O.C.C.s.
  • The dark history, shame, and secrets of True Atlanteans.
  • Learn more about the famous Atlantean Tattooed Warriors, Undead Slayers, Stone Masters and other Atlantean heroes.
  • Tremble at the terrible secrets of the Aerihman and their plans.
  • Dark secrets of the sinister Sunaj secret society.
  • Valuable source material and adventure ideas galore.
  • 224 pages – written by Carl Gleba – Cat. No. 890HC.