Rifts® Game Master Guide™ Hardcover

Rifts® Game Master Guide™ Hardcover
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Rifts® Game Master Guide Hardcover

The Rifts® Game Master Guide™ is a massive, 352 page reference book with short stats and descriptions for every Rifts® robot, power armor, body armor, vehicle, weapon, gadget, skill, experience table, and map that appears in Rifts® World Books 1-23 and Sourcebooks 1-4, plus a bionics index, an O.C.C. and R.C.C. index, rules clarifications, combat examples, advice on how to run a game and more.

  • 500+ weapons.
  • 290 pieces of equipment.
  • 180+ vehicles.
  • 100+ suits of body armor.
  • 80+ suits of power armor.
  • 300+ skills, character and D-Bee index, dozens of maps, and more.
  • 352 pages – Cat. No. 845HC. Also available in softcover.