Rifts® World Book 19: Australia™

Rifts® World Book 19: Australia™
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Rifts® Australia (Book One)

Isolated from the rest of the world, the Land Down Under is a unique and savage land of survival, adventure, monsters and magic. Written by native Australian Ben Lucas (with additional material by Siembieda). Rifts® Australia has been one of the most requested World Books ever, and is finally a reality,

* Melbourne & Perth, two high-tech powers who may become the Coalition States of Australia -- hardhearted, paranoid, & cruel.
* Rules for creating Outback communities.
* Over 20 O.C.C.s like the Bushman, Jackaroo and Road Sentinel.
* Mystic O.C.C.s include the Sham-Man and Songjuicer.
* Mutants and Monsters.
* Dreamtime gods and menaces.
* New weapons and technology.
* World information and adventure ideas.
* Written by Ben Lucas, with additional material by Siembieda.
* Artwork by Perez, Breaux, Dubisch, and Wilson.
* 224 pages.