Warpath™: Urban Jungle™ RPG (pre-order)

Warpath™: Urban Jungle™ RPG (pre-order)
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Warpath™: Urban Jungle™ RPG

Palladium Books unveils its long awaited role-playing game of modern combat, counter-terrorism, crime and espionage with Warpath™: Urban Jungle™ RPG.

The setting of Warpath™: Urban Jungle™ is the streets, alleys and shadowy places found in every major city in the world, but nobody wants to talk about.

The conflicts are the secret wars not covered by the media. The wars that keep you safe on your city streets. The wars you know nothing about.

Feel safe in your home? You can thank ARC5. Wonder why there hasn't been more terrorist attacks? You can thank ARC5. Oh wait, you can't. As far as the world at large is concerned, ARC5 does not exist. Its operatives work outside the law and under the radar, down in the sewers, sludge and slime of humanity where the average citizen dares not tread. They do whatever it takes to get the job done, and nobody is the wiser - not the citizens, not the police, not Uncle Sam . . . nobody.

The operatives are the dedicated men and women of ARC5. What is it like to be a ghost operating unseen in the shadows? Does one have to become a monster to fight monsters?

Those are just some of the questions Warpath™: Urban Jungle™ RPG raises, but it is you, the players who will answer them as you get down and dirty to keep humanity safe from itself and the monstrous villains it breeds.

Inspired by Jeffry Scott Hansen's novel, Warpath™, the Warpath™: Urban Jungle™ Role-Playing Game is a gritty, dark, and deadly game of brutal and deadly conflict. The game is called "Urban Jungle" because the wars your characters will be fighting are not on foreign soil (though sometimes), but your own homeland, in your own back yard, in the shadowy corners of the streets you only think you know.

  • A new role-playing game of modern combat, espionage and war.
  • Player characters are the ultra-secret ARC5 Operatives - military style O.C.C.s and operatives so underground nobody knows they exist.
  • Quick-Roll Character Creation.
  • Section on combat, organization and espionage.
  • Section on skills and training.
  • Section on weapons and equipment.
  • Section on the "Urban Jungle" world setting and background.
  • Numerous adventure assignments and more.
  • Illustrated by Freddie Williams, Mike Mumah and others.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik.
  • Written by Jeffry Scott Hansen, Jason Marker & Kevin Siembieda.
  • 220+ pages - Cat. No. 610.