Heroes Unlimited™ 30th Anniversary Hardcover

Heroes Unlimited™ 30th Anniversary Hardcover
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Heroes Unlimited Special 30th Anniversary Hardcover Edition

Palladium Books is 33 years old and the Heroes Unlimited™ RPG turned 30 in 2014. To celebrate, Palladium released a special, commemorative, Gold Heroes Unlimited™ 30th Anniversary Hardcover.

To preserve the value of the "original" Heroes Unlimited™ Hardcover Edition, we have made the HU2 30th Anniversary Edition as visibly different (and cool) looking on the outside, as possible. The material used for the cover is different (not leatherette), the blue is a different, more vibrant shade of blue, and the cover is imprinted in gold foil but features artwork depicting a superhero and the words "Special 30th Anniversary Edition." Even the spine is different looking and the end sheets are red and without art. The red, white and blue cover represents the United States of America, the birthplace of superhero comic books, and the colors of costumed heroes.

All the elements described above should make the Heroes Unlimited30th Anniversary Hardcover impossible to mistake for the original HU2 signed and numbered HC edition. Enjoy and game on!

  • Limited to 400 signed and numbered copies.
  • Signed and numbered on the credits page by Kevin Siembieda and the Palladium staff. We'll try to get an artist or two to sign as well.
  • Blue fabric cover with gold foil imprinting. A completely new and different cover than the original HU2 Gold Edition.
  • Interior pages are exactly the same as the original HU2 HC and the current softcover edition.
  • Create any type of hero and superhuman - aliens and mutants to super-soldiers, martial artists, mages and Mega-Heroes.
  • 100+ super abilities, plus scores of sub-powers.
  • 100+ magic spells plus Enchanted (Magical) Weapons and Objects.
  • 40+ Psionic abilities.
  • Super-Vehicles, high-tech hardware, in-depth characters and more.
  • Written by Kevin Siembieda. Cover art, Michael Wilson.
  • 352 pages - Cat. No. 5000HC.
  • A complete role-playing game with many sourcebooks.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ - celebrating 30 years of heroic adventure.