Lopan™ Raw Preview

Lopan™ Raw Preview
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Lopan (Fantasy)
Raw Preview Edition

Get your first glimpse of Lopan with the Lopan™ Raw Preview Edition. Lopan is the often overlooked gem of the North. Nestled in the middle of the inland sea, it is near the center of the known world, yet Lopan is isolated from much of the rest of the world’s nations. This has kept it a calm, peaceful domain largely free from war and conflict. The creation and clever marketing of the (Olympic-like) Lopanic Games and the Garden of the Gods have brought Lopan international notoriety and increased trade from the rest of the civilized world.

Like the rest of the Palladium World, Lopan has a long, rich history, much of it forgotten. A history which harbors ancient secrets and forgotten magicks, such as Mosaic Magic. Meanwhile, though it seems grand, its future is not entirely certain. As a home to Elvenkind, these long-lived people, alone, bring with them a checkered past and a certain amount of drama that can be good or bad for Lopan’s future.

Glen Evans’ Lopan world book explores the present politics, people, and places, as well as a few of its secrets and history. Lopan is a safe environment where visitors do not have to worry about war, throngs of thieves and cutthroats, or monsters. That makes it a resource and staging ground for expeditions into any of the many lands around the island nation. Lopan serves as a place for adventurers and mercenaries to resupply, sell and trade treasure and loot, buy weapons and gear, acquire magic, find clues and information about new quests, and rest in between missions. Of course, the Lopanic Games offer the chance for fame and riches, while the Garden of the Gods may provide inspiration, visions, quests, and just causes to champion.

  • Your first glimpse of Lopan in its “raw” manuscript form.
  • Kingdom of Lopan overview and notable history.
  • Key cities and places.
  • New character classes.
  • Notable people.
  • New Mosaic Magic.
  • Magic items and gear.
  • Many paths to adventure and ideas for more.
  • Only 350 copies of this limited collector’s item are available.
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
  • Written by Glen Evans.
  • 184 pages – Cat. No. 476-RAW.
  • What is a Raw Preview Edition? It is the unfinished, unedited, advance manuscript subject to rewrites and expansion. It gets a limited print run of around 200-350 copies and is fun for collectors to have something rare and unique, and is especially handy for writers and game designers (and curious gamers) because they get a glimpse into the development process at Palladium when they compare what is in the Raw Preview and what sees print in the final book, what gets expanded, dropped out, etc. In this case, writer Glen Evans has presented an overview of Lopan based on conversations and notes from Kevin Siembieda. Kevin will be tweaking and adding material to make the final book even more compelling and full of adventure hooks. And of course, this is the perfect companion for Garden of the Gods and if all goes well, it should be followed by a sourcebook about the fabled Lopanic Games (and how your characters can participate in them).