Wolfen Empire™ Adventure Sourcebook (backorder)

Wolfen Empire™ Adventure Sourcebook (backorder)
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Wolfen Empire
Adventure Sourcebook

The Wolfen Empire Adventure Sourcebook outlines Wolfen society, land holdings and culture, helping to set the stage for the coming Wolfen War. The adventures within are set in the Great Northern Wilderness and lead our heroes into the heart of Wolfen country.
  • For the Palladium Fantasy RPG.
  • History and details about the 12 Wolfen Tribes.
  • Information about Wolfen society and economics.
  • The Wolfen Army and the Coyle Hordes.
  • Allied races and places.
  • 5-6 complete adventures and 101 adventure ideas.
  • Cover by Ramon Perez. Art by Breaux, Perez, Wilson, Williams and others.
  • Written by Erick Wujcik, Kevin Siembieda, Bill Coffin and others.
  • 160 pages.