Hammer of the Forge™ Vol. 2: The Reckoning™

Hammer of the Forge™ Vol. 2: The Reckoning™
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Rifts® Novel:
Hammer of the Forge Volume 2:
The Reckoning

The fabric of space and time is torn asunder and Earth becomes a nexus – a gateway – to countless alien worlds and the forces of magic and the supernatural. Thus begins the saga of Rifts®.

Now imagine not one, but three galaxies said to contain millions of inhabited worlds.

At its center is Phase World, itself the commercial and technological center of the universe and terminus of all known spacelanes. A world where transdimensional gates reach to hundreds of other universes.

All of it is said to be the creation of the mythical Cosmic Forge. A wonder capable of giving birth to a million galaxies. A sentient force of magic and technology and life that, when misused but once, long ago, hid itself away, but watches and waits. For what, no one knows. While it waits, the Forge sometimes reaches out to touch the few who are worthy, and gift them with the power of the cosmos.

The continuing adventures of Cosmo-Knight Caleb Vulcan carry our hero across space and time to be pitted against one enemy after another. The first is the wicked Royal Kreeghor, Geryon, commander of the Shadowstar, a dreadnaught rumored to carry a star-slaying weapon capable of snuffing out entire solar systems.

Then Caleb must once again face the mad Elf, Elias Harkonnen. A soulless psychopath who quit the Invincible Guardsmen because they did not offer him enough opportunities to kill people. A mad dog who relishes the thought of adding a Cosmo-Knight to his list of illustrious victims.

As each chapter unfolds, our hero faces new challenges and encounters friends and foes, and twists and turns too shocking to reveal on this back cover.

Such is the power and legacy of a Cosmo-Knight.

  • 5 x 8 inch paperback.
  • Written by James M.G. Cannon.
  • 304 pages – Cat. No. 307.
  • Re-edited and compiled into two novels.