Rifts® Cyberworks™ Poker Deck

Rifts® Cyberworks™ Poker Deck
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Rifts® Cyberworks Poker Deck

The cover art from the original Rifts® Sourcebook One is featured on the back of each card. Color throughout. Attractive and durable.

  • 52 cards, plus red and black Jokers.
  • Face cards feature iconic Rifts® Cyberworks/Archie 3 artwork (Spades: Cyberworks, Hearts: Shemarrians, Clubs: Mechanoids, Diamonds: Titan Robotics).
  • Number cards feature a color energy swirl in the suit and a circuit board pattern.
  • Textured linen cards for a nice touch and durability.
  • Professional quality playing cards.
  • 52 cards plus two Jokers – Cat. No. 2609.