Splicers® RPG Bonus Edition Hardcover

Splicers® RPG Bonus Edition Hardcover
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Be Advised: This book is at the printer, but because of paper shortages and other issues, we don’t know when it will ship. It could even slip into January. We hope it will be much sooner, but we just don’t know. Thank you for your patience.

COMING! Splicers® RPG “Bonus” Edition Hardcover

The Splicers® RPG plus bonus Splicers® material from The Rifter® #30, #32, and #51 offering War Mounts, The Wasteland, and Living Weapons like the Swarm Lord, Hive insects, etc., written by Chris Kluge.

  • The complete RPG + 50 pages of bonus material.
  • Splicers® is unique and different. Think Guyver meets Terminator after the rise of the machines.
  • Humanity armed with genetically engineered living host armor and weapons battle against an insane A.I. and her legion of robots and death machines.
  • Part science fiction, part horror. Epic in scope.
  • 280 pages – Cat. No. 200HC.