The Rifter® #80

The Rifter® #80
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The Rifter® #80

The Rifter® is all about new ideas, pushing the envelope, trying new things and alternative methods, rules and approaches to create epic adventure! Role-playing games (and The Rifter®) are all about expressions of your imagination. Of making ideas, characters and stories come to life. There is no one way to look at things. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities.

This issue of The Rifter® presents new settings and people, monsters, villains, heroes, and the bizarre to expand your worlds of adventure. The creatures, villains, magic, weapons, powers and gear for one game world can be easy imported into almost any other world setting. Adventures for one setting can also be adapted to completely other worlds with some easy and obvious modifications. Unleash your imagination. Use The Rifter® to fuel your own campaigns. Game Masters, surprise your players with a creature or villain they never see coming because it is adapted from material for another game setting. Or give your players optional characters to play or special abilities or gear from the pages of The Rifter®. Most of all, have fun.

Rifter® #80 Highlights:

  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® – Wayfarers™ by Julius Rosenstein & Kevin Siembieda. Rogues who travel the world in caravans, robbing, beguiling and trading with everyone from the monster races to humans. They arrive with entertainers, Seers, Psi-Healers, exotic trade goods, rumors and news. They also bring thieves, con artists and vagabonds, all happy to rob people blind. You will never think of thieves the same way after you read the Swapper’s Code, the Wayfarer Thief and Wizard-Thief. 7 Wayfarer O.C.C.s to add spice to your adventurer group and can be encountered anywhere as NPC villains. “Official” source material.
  • Splicers® – House of the Red Sands™ by Kris Tipping & Charles Walton II. An epic desert setting and new Splicer House and their unique, new Host Armors, War Mounts, Desert Rose, bio-engineered ants, other creations and plenty of adventure ideas. “Official” source material.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ – Masters Unlimited™, by Paul Herbert. An insidious, new villainous organization, notable super-villains and adventure ideas galore.
  • Rifts® Chaos Earth® – Nebraska by Daniel Frederick, Megan Timperley & Kevin Siembieda. The chaos of the Great Cataclysm is different around the globe. This source material examines the events and survivors of Nebraska, and monsters such as the Ash Worm, Undead Fossils, Demon Hoppers and the Whispering Field. Part One. “Official” source material.
  • News, coming attractions, product descriptions and more.
  • 112 pages – Cat. No. 180. Free Sneak Preview available on